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at nobox development, the goal is to:

Lead with solutions from Concept to Conclusion.

NoBox Development is a local Real Estate Development and Project Consulting Company with national expertise balancing creative and critical thinking, respecting community and context, quarterbacking Projects from concept to conclusion, and delivering space and place with high quality and distinct character.

There is no box…


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Randall Coy - President

Randall Coy - President


Owner and President Randall Coy has a background spanning 20 years in Architecture and Development, which provided opportunity to work in 32 states across the country. He’s been involved in Projects ranging from multiple scales of Commercial to planning a New Downtown of 5 million square feet. Randall brings passion and focus to the creation of space and place, while always keeping his eyes fixed on your interests. He operates with a sharp focus on maximizing the value of every dollar, driving schedule, and delivering your project on time and on budget. 

Randall started NoBox Development, LLC in 2018 after meeting with over twenty Development Companies. Through this networking effort, he was able to understand a couple of key takeaways consistent across the board:

He has a unique skillset. Randall’s strength comes from the combination of his Architectural training and creativity combined with an analytical thought process. This approach has been sharpened throughout his career while at DLR Group, General Growth Properties, and Visioneering Studios Real Estate.

There’s a gap in the Market ideally shaped for this skillset. While many Developers have a financial or brokerage background, Randall’s is rooted in Feasibility and Project Management from an Architecture and Construction, nuts and bolts, perspective.

The resulting company provides the creative and critical thinking necessary to vet feasibility and problem solve to move the Project forward, and delivers Executive-level leadership coupled with national expertise to maximize the value of investment, create go-to space and place, and drive the Project’s Concept to Conclusion.

There is no box…